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My Story

on top of hill

I discovered ChiWalking initially through ChiRunning. I was increasingly getting sore hips and lower back pain when running or walking long distances and I had started making excuses for not joining friends on long distance walks because I was worried that I would be sore (especially the next day). At first I thought it was either down to age or weight or the wrong shoes but then I went on a ChiRunning workshop and it completely changed the way I ran.  I started applying the ChiRunning principles to my walking and it was incredible. Now I walk and run with no pain, much more energy and have so much more strength and stamina. I was so blown away by ChiWalking and ChiRunning that I became a ChiWalking instructor. I love walking, particularly hill walking, and if I can help people to rediscover their love of walking that would be fantastic!

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